Crazy contingency discovery. Get 4 for 1 (then watch it burn)!

When you go to a doctor, a dentist or a lawyer, how many do you go to? We know in reality that we only ever go to one practitioner for a particular service. However, for this exercise let’s say you go to 3 or 4.

contingency plan with recruitment agencies

Do you engage all of them, then pay only the successful one? You then tell all the others, “Oh I’m sorry but you’re not getting paid.” Or do you tell them the recruiter fee agreement upfront? That the first one to get the result will be the one that gets paid, like a fee on success? 

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10 reasons you need an agency for your job search

job recruitment agency

When amazing value helps you pop the corks & celebrate the investment!

Agency: to use or not to use one…

So you’re experiencing business growth and wanting to capitalise on opportunities whilst keeping a lid on costs?

What choices do you have when it comes to hiring a new employee?

Many business owners will put an advertisement on a job board and social media and hope for the best.

After all, the alternative is to use an agency, and that will cost a bomb – right? Well, maybe not.

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Employee turnover costs and how to avoid them

Employee turnover is disruptive, expensive and has both tangible and intangible effects.

employee turnover cost iceberg staff

The cost of employee turnover is like an iceberg.

Like in an iceberg, the tangible effects are visible above the water. Meanwhile, the intangible effects appear underneath, less visible yet often quite larger than it seems.

Staff turnover is more than filling up a job vacancy due to attrition. In fact, the costs exceed the average cost to hire a new employee.


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Why you need to focus on opportunity cost

Opportunity cost: The valuable commodity we use but can never touch

When making business or day to day decisions, how often do you do things that could be done by others, for example by engaging someone with more experience, skills and possibly at an overall lesser cost?

What is the opportunity cost of you doing these things versus delegating or outsourcing? The results you may find startling.

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5 things that make a bad hire expensive

In another article, I have listed the 6 telltale signs an employee can turn into a bad hire any time during his/her tenure. It is imperative to establish how and HOW MUCH our poor hiring decision becomes a liability more than an asset.

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How to avoid bad hires and poor decisions

BAD HIRES: Real horror movie script – shocking audiences in your office

So you’ve brought on a new staff member and things aren’t quite going as expected? If you’re getting that sinking feeling, you are not alone.

The problem we see with bad hires is that they occur more frequently than they should.

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How to increase profits by hiring the right staff

Staff: The secret to increasing harmony, happiness, and profit.

Are you a business owner with revenues between $1m and $10m? If so, chances are that one of the biggest problems you have from time to time is staff.  


Hire, engage, and retain the right talent

It may be that you:

  • can’t find the right employees,
  • have an underperforming staff,
  • or have a high employee turnover.

Whatever staff issue affects you, there is a single reason why this occurs.


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Business growth strategy that makes awesome returns

If you are a business owner or manager, one of the biggest challenges you face is business growth.

“How to best grow your business?”

Competition is fierce and there are more ways to get your message to market today than ever before. The available technologies and platforms are developing and changing at an exponential rate. If you blink, you can be left behind. So what is the answer?  

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How Improving Employee Engagement Makes More Money

Employee Engagement:
The Secret to 21% improvement in Profits

One of the most confronting facts about business performance is the correlation between the engagement of your workforce and the productivity and profitability of your business. In any workplace, there are 3 levels of employee engagement, and the level of engagement in the typical Australia workplace is quite alarming. 

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