10 reasons you need an agency for your job search

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Agency: to use or not to use one…

So you’re experiencing business growth and wanting to capitalise on opportunities whilst keeping a lid on costs?

What choices do you have when it comes to hiring a new employee?

Many business owners will put an advertisement on a job board and social media and hope for the best.

After all, the alternative is to use an agency, and that will cost a bomb – right? Well, maybe not.

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As a general rule, a well-run agency will have deep expertise in their chosen market for talent, have strong networks and generally a high level of knowledge on where and how to find or attract the best talent for your business.

When you are considering the choices of how to find the best possible talent, consider this list of 10 advantages of using an agency. A professional agency will have:

  1. Years of deep industry expertise and networks
  2. A significant database of candidates and access to multiple candidate channels
  3. Expertise in copywriting and placing advertisements
  4. Access to multiple job boards and experience using multiple social networks
  5. The ability to Advertise and Search without identifying you, the client
  6. Removal of candidate bias (which can exist with DIY recruitment)
  7. Experience in screening in the best and screening out the worst candidates
  8. Expertise in effective behavioural based interviewing
  9. Experience in conducting robust reference checks
  10. Experience in negotiation win-win outcomes for you and your ideal candidate

There are many more advantages of using an experienced recruiter from a specialist agency. If you are thinking of hiring, contact us for assistance or for a referral in identifying your ideal recruitment partner. For more information, contact Neil at 1300Hired.


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