How to write a sexy headline for a serious job description

What, in the recruitment world, is a job description?

What, in the recruitment world, is a job description?

A Job Description is a very important document in the recruitment and hiring process.

Why? Because it describes the role and forms a specification upon which a new hire is made. It should also create a benchmark for on the job performance of your new hire.

Describing the key functions, duties and expected outcomes, it should also articulate the skills and attributes required to successfully fulfill the role.


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Having 3-6 key essential functions or accountabilities is important because this defines key measures upon which KPI’s can be based and which can be the key measures for any performance review.

A robust document should also describe formal and informal relationships for the position, both internally and externally and key authorities and boundaries.

The problem with not having a Job Description lies in having no reference point for both the recruitment process, for onboarding and for on the job performance.

No Job Description is akin to constructing a building with no plans. It may be achieved. However, it invites all sorts of problems and complications if not done, or if not done properly.

Apart from being a useful reference point, it is also a form of insurance for all parties, particularly if any disputes or problems arise during the employment relationship, or after the employment relationship ends.

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