Top questions for screening candidates

When screening candidates from a shortlist, there are some very important steps in making sure you get the right ones and eliminate the ones that don’t fit.


Here are some of the questions that I ask: 

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  1. What is your motivation for applying?
  2. Are you currently working?
  3. Why do you wish to move on?
  4. How do you get on with your boss and colleagues?
  5. How would your work colleagues describe you?
  6. When did you start applying for jobs?
  7. How many positions have you applied for and have you had any offers?
  8. What stage are you at with each role you have applied for?
  9. Review resumes for any gaps in experience & probe
  10. Identify any ‘annual’ work dates and establish if the work was for 2 years, months or weeks?
  11. Establish their availability for interviews (a range of days and times)
  12. Establish their target salary or ideal salary range
  13. Establish their availability to commence if a position is offered

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