8 Ways to get the best talent for your business

detective turned recruiterTalent: Why Amazing Detective Switches to Recruitment

It is harder to get top talent because there are fewer people working and more people retiring.

Put simply, workforce participation rates have dropped and are dropping faster as more and more people enter retirement.

If you are a business owner and you find it hard to recruit the right talent, there are a number of things you can do.

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How to recruit better hires

  • Try and recruit from outside your business
  • Poach from Competitors
  • Develop skills in-house (by training your own staff)
  • Recruit entry level from outside & train
  • Access talent from other industries (identifying those who can transfer their skills)
  • Access talent from other talent pools (geographic transfer)
  • Access talent from overseas
  • Use Automation or use Artificial Intelligence

There will be a solution, but sometimes we just need to think outside the box to find it. For more information on how to access hard to find talent, please contact Neil at 1300Hired. [/read]