Why do you need to start headhunting top talent

headhunting-headhunters-top-talent-recruiterSaid the headhunting headhunters:
We aren’t cannibals – we thrive on the chase not the kill.

It is harder to get top talent because there are fewer people working and more people retiring. Put simply, workforce participation rates have dropped and are dropping faster as more and more people enter retirement.

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If you are a business owner and you find it hard to recruit the right talent, headhunting may be an alternative.

Put simply, headhunting involves searching for passive (as opposed to active) candidates. These are potential candidates who don’t know they are potential candidates. They are generally not using or registered on job boards, so specialised search is required to find these people.

Finding these people is just the beginning – remember that these are not people who have applied for a job via a job board, so are not expecting and in some cases not open to your call. Here are some of the hallmarks to consider when head hunting :

  • Many make it hard to contact (eg remain invisible on social media)
  • Many are not contactable
  • Many are not registered with agencies
  • When contacted they need to be approached sensitively
  • They often cannot or do not want to be contacted inside working hours
  • It may take multiple attempts and multiple touch points to even make the first contact
  • They often won’t have a resume let alone an updated resume
  • If interested, the seduction process can take months, not weeks
  • If their interest is continuing, their salary expectations (to move) will be higher compared to active candidates
  • The whole process can take months and sometimes years

For more information on how to find talent through headhunting, please contact Neil at 1300Hired. [/read]


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