10 ways On-boarding increases engagement and retention

how to surf waves with dexterity onboardingOn-boarding: How to surf these waves with dexterity

Onboarding staff is important because of the direct correlation between employee engagement and retention. Yet, it can be problematic if businesses either don’t do it or don’t do it well.

Did you know… 

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… that 1 in 25 employees leave on the first day and that poor onboarding is the primary reason why the majority of employees leave within the first year?

Effective onboarding is an opportunity to engage your new hire, both before, during and after they join your company. The solution is to have a formal onboarding procedure and this must be driven by the top leadership down. Here’s a list of 10 best practices to adopt:

  1. Preboarding – because onboarding starts with the first contact during the hiring process.
    How you handle the recruitment process says a lot about the organisation as a whole.
  2. Announce it.
    Let staff and key stakeholders know that your new hire is starting
  3. Day 1.
    Make sure all key personnel are involved in welcoming your new hire 
  4. Alignment of Values.
    Line Managers should explain the importance of the job to be undertaken and how it is aligned with the company culture and values. 
  5. Manage the Employee/Manager relationship
    Employees don’t leave companies – they leave managers. Ensure that the direct Manager is involved in all stages of onboarding.
  6. Explain formal hierarchies such as the organisational chart, key customers, suppliers and industry associations. 
  7. Explain informal hierarchies such as those within the team and between departments, the informal networks, gatekeepers and go to people, also any rivals or adversaries.
  8. Procedures & Policies.
    These should be explained on day 1, also referenced in employment contracts.
  9. The small stuff
    Let it be known how to use the phones, where things are located, also explain industry and company terms, jargon and acronyms.
  10. Stay committed to on-boarding particularly during the first 90 days.

For further information on on-boarding, please contact Neil at 1300Hired.


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