10 Simple Tips to Effective Shortlisting in Recruitment

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“Shortbread and shortlisting… there’s a recipe for each.”

How to shortlist candidates for interviews?

Are you ever in a position where you have to shortlist candidate resumes for your job? While the shortlisting process may be tricky, there are a number of tips that will help you do it faster.

I have placed thousands of candidates into jobs throughout my career, and in the process have shortlisted from tens of thousands of resumes. With more accuracy, greater efficiency and less time waste, we can maximise the advantages of shortlisting in recruitment. Let me teach you how it’s done.

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Candidate Shortlisting Checklist

  • Block out a chunk of time and do as much shortlisting as you can in 1 go. This helps add consistency in reviewing furthermore minimises repetition and time waste.
  • Balance tip #1. Make sure that you don’t lose top talent by delaying this process.
  • Construct a candidate summary and rating table. Include the applicant’s name, location, years of experience, availability, and a list of say 4-6 essential skills or attributes.
  • You may wish to attach a weighting scale to the essential skills and attributes
  • On the far right side have a rating of Yes/Maybe/No for each candidate, or number if using a weighting system
  • Complete each column and rate the candidate in each area (perhaps with a tick or cross, or a scale of 1-5), then decide if they are a Yes, No or a Maybe for shortlisting
  • Use a multi-pass method. So, when in doubt, use Yes, Yes/Maybe, Maybe/No & No.
  • With higher candidate numbers this makes it easier to cull and review marginal candidates
  • If using a rating scale of 1-5, you will need to multiply the rating number by the weighting attached to that skill or attribute. Then, calculate the total for each candidate.
  • Once you have ranked each candidate, you can then decide a cutoff point for the list, and your shortlist is ready to be contacted.

    BONUS TIP: A cutoff point we prefer to use is actually not a cutoff point. We rather base it on the quality of the candidates, than the number of candidates to fit a quota.


For more information on how to shortlist, please contact Neil at 1300Hired. [/read]


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