Business growth strategy that makes awesome returns

If you are a business owner or manager, one of the biggest challenges you face is business growth.

“How to best grow your business?”

Competition is fierce and there are more ways to get your message to market today than ever before. The available technologies and platforms are developing and changing at an exponential rate. If you blink, you can be left behind. So what is the answer?  

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Unless you can sell more to your existing clients, or sell at a higher price, business growth will have to come from other measures. You may rely on referrals, networks, advertising or outbound methods such as cold calling.

In the digital world, many businesses are discovering how cost effective it can be to have inbound strategies where clients come to you. Effective inbound marketing can create a steady flow of leads from businesses that want what you have to offer.

winning business growth strategyOur Campaign for Business Growth

With more than 17 million monthly active Australian users on Facebook, the question for business is not whether you should advertise on the platform, but HOW.

With such a large base of users and a high level of information available about them, it is possible to use a high degree of targeting, to segment audiences and attract them with messages that resonate and with offers that are irresistible.

Business Growth Results

In a recent campaign that we ran, we targeted business owners nationally, specifically Managing Directors, Founders, and CEOs with company revenues between $1m-$5m. The message articulated a single major challenge facing business owners and 7 things to do in order to overcome it.

The results were outstanding generating over 200 leads. These were all business owners with the authority to make decisions and invest in solutions to these problems. The immediate ROI generated exceeded 3:1. That is, for every $1 we invested in advertising, we got $3 back (and still growing). The returns are highly measurable and much better than bank interest.

Imagine if you were able to get 10-20 additional leads per week into your business, what would that mean? What is the lifetime value of a single new customer to your business?

Would you like more information on how to get a steady stream of leads and have customers coming to you? Contact Neil about marketing for business growth now! [/read]

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