How to increase profits by hiring the right staff

Staff: The secret to increasing harmony, happiness, and profit.

Are you a business owner with revenues between $1m and $10m? If so, chances are that one of the biggest problems you have from time to time is staff.  


Hire, engage, and retain the right talent

It may be that you:

  • can’t find the right employees,
  • have an underperforming staff,
  • or have a high employee turnover.

Whatever staff issue affects you, there is a single reason why this occurs.


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Staff Problems

If you:


  • you will struggle to have a stable or profitable business,
  • and you won’t be able to grow.

Employees who lack engagement won’t be productive.

Unless they are engaged and motivated enough, many employees, including your top performers may leave your business. This can place undue pressure on you and others, forcing you to step in and fill the gaps. This, in turn, setting you and the business backward.

Therefore, without the right staff being engaged and productive, it can be very difficult to run and grow your business profitably.

Why do staff problems occur (and what to do about them)?

We do not apply the very standards and rigours we apply to our businesses to the recruitment and engagement of our workforce. It’s that simple.

The solution to this problem lies in applying the highest standards to attracting and hiring the best people AND having a culture that engages and retains top performers.

To attract and hire, you must have or use the best resources to ensure you access the best people. To engage and retain the best employees, you must have a culture that empowers and incentivises your workforce, allowing them to grow to their full potential.

Hence, it’s as simple as setting the standards and perfecting the methodologies in Attracting, Hiring and Engaging your employees. Once you master these key areas, you’ll be able to attract and keep top performers and as a result, increase productivity which will enable you to grow your business and grow profits.

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